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Small Scale Mixers

Small Scale Batch Production Tanks and Mixers

for Food, Pharma, Cosmetics,
Chemical Industry

What are Small Scale Batch Tanks & Mixers?

Small Scale Batch mixing is a process in which the ingredients for one batch are loaded (either at once or in a pre-defined sequence), mixed, and discharged from the tank before another batch is introduced. Ideal for laboratories, institutions, small-scale food manufacturers, Small Scale Batch Production Units offer a convenient and economical option for mixing high viscosity products and achieving a unifom homogenous mixture.

Common Names of Batch Mixers:
Small Scale Mixers, Emulsification Machinery, Homogenization Machinery, Solubilization Machinery, Suspension Machinery, High Viscosity Blenders, Dispersion Machinery, Machinery for Disintegration of Solids

How do Batch Mixers Machines work?

Batch Mixers have a powerful rotor blade mechanism within the mixing workhead. The rotor blades pull the solid and liquid material from the bottom of the vessel into the center of the workhead.

Industrial Applications of Small Scale Batch Mixers

Small Scale Batch Mixers are compact and powerful machines that blends various liquid and powder ingredients of varying consistencies, at high speeds to achieve the desired product consistency and stability. The emulsifying batch mixer ensures that irrespective of end application, the emulsion remains intact, preventing the separation of materials, and dispersing the ingredients uniformly.
United Group manufactures the batch mixers for following product applications:

  • Mayonnaise Manufacturing

  • Spreads Manufacturing

  • Ketchups Manufacturing

  • Gravies/Curries Manufacturing

  • Cake Gel Manufacturing

  • Syrups Manufacturing

  • Jellies Manufacturing

  • Juices Manufacturing

  • Toothpaste Manufacturing

  • Lotions/Creams/Shampoo Manufacturing

  • Hydrosols Manufacturing

  • Other Powder/Liquid Mixing Applications


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