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Bottom Entry Mixer 
for Food, 
Cosmetics, Chemical

What are Bottom Entry Mixers?

Bottom-Entry Mixers are industrial machines used to produce higher-viscosity products in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries. The Bottom-Entry Mixers work along with Batch Mixers/Agitators/Stirrers/In-Line Mixers to deliver a perfectly consistent and homogenized emulsion. These mixers can be used either in open or closed tanks at atmospheric pressure or under pressure/vacuum.

Common Names of Bottom Entry Mixers:
Emulsification Machinery, Homogenization Machinery, Solubilization Machinery, Suspension Machinery, High Viscosity Blenders, Dispersion Machinery, Machinery for Disintegration of Solids, Mayonnaise Mixer

How do Bottom Entry Mixers work?

Bottom-Entry Mixers have a powerful rotor blade mechanism within the mixing workhead. The rotor blades pull the solid and liquid material from the vessel into the center of the workhead.

Industrial Applications of Bottom Entry Mixers

Bottom Entry Mixers are used for delivering the smooth and creamy texture that is characteristic of mayonnaise, sauces and similar products. The Bottom Drive Mixers ensure emulsion remains intact, preventing the separation of oil and water, and dispersing the ingredients uniformly. 
United Group manufactures the Bottom Entry Mixers for
following product applications:

  • Mayonnaise Manufacturing

  • Spreads Manufacturing

  • Ketchups Manufacturing

  • Gravies/Curries Manufacturing

  • Cake Gel Manufacturing

  • Syrups Manufacturing

  • Jellies Manufacturing

  • Juices Manufacturing

  • Toothpaste Manufacturing

  • Lotions/Creams/Shampoo Manufacturing

  • Hydrosols Manufacturing

  • Other Powder/Liquid Mixing Applications


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