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Liquid Powder Mixers
for Food, 
Cosmetics, Chemical

What are Liquid Powder Mixers?

Liquid Powder Mixers are industrial machines used to disperse and hydrate enormous volumes of powder with ease, into the liquid mixes. The powder ingredients are pushed into the liquid stream using liquid powder mixers. This makes it possible to create greater viscosity mixes, which opens up a variety of uses for high shear mixing that weren't previously viable. It also

How do Liquid Powder Mixers work?

The In-Line mixer recirculates liquid from the vessel through the Liquid Powder Mixer at high velocity.

Industrial Applications of Liquid Powder Mixers

The Liquid Powder Mixers play crucial role in enhancing efficiency, productivity, hygiene and quality control, where powder and liquid ingredients are to be blended in a single product mix. 
United Group manufactures the Liquid Powder Mixers for
following product applications:

  • Mayonnaise Manufacturing

  • Spreads Manufacturing

  • Ketchups Manufacturing

  • Gravies/Curries Manufacturing

  • Cake Gel Manufacturing

  • Syrups Manufacturing

  • Jellies Manufacturing

  • Juices Manufacturing

  • Toothpaste Manufacturing

  • Lotions/Creams/Shampoo Manufacturing

  • Hydrosols Manufacturing

  • Other Powder/Liquid Mixing Applications


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